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intelligent remote pan door opener is the introduction of similar foreign products to be improved, using the latest technology designed a machine photoelectric integration of high-tech products, which can be widely used in factories, offices, hotels, villas, garages and other occasions sliding door, automatic retractable doors, sliding doors and other electric hoist remote control use. The system consists of door openers, remote control, controllers, racks and other components. Can bring you unexpected convenience and safety, eliminating Xiatian Lie day when the air in the winter cold and windy or downpour while driving you off switch door untold difficulties. The system uses the most advanced remote password technology, with excellent privacy and security features.intelligent remote pan door opener, frame made of high strength aluminum alloy die-casting, rust, corrosion, sealing, using worm gear, huge output power, low noise, and can be easily separated in time during power outages Worm, Worm institutions, to achieve manually open the door, and having (clutch) electronic protection dual function.

Intelligent Remote-effective pan door to provide customers with:

■ greater security
■ strong ease of installation
■ adaptability of the working environment
■ long life, virtually no maintenance
■ continuous or frequent use of bear strong
■ better price, so that customers feel the real benefits
■ Improve the service system

DCK Series Intelligent Remote door machine translation technology advantages:

■ fuselage casting seamless, has a good seal
■ heavy-duty rack and pinion
■ professional industrial design housing a variety of climatic tolerance and strong
■ intelligent learning first run after installation, adjustment mode
■ Compatible with a variety of radio control, access control systems, electromagnetic detectors and other equipment
■ overtime protection, advanced limit function to ensure the smooth operation of precision door

Ou Make new intelligent remote pan door opener Product Features:

DCK6 series of new intelligent remote pan door opener for patio doors professionally designed villa translation of a mechatronic remote control door opener, is the host and electrical control, remote control for a triple, with ease of installation, use of stable, appearance, compact structure, smooth transmission, low noise, power outages and other free features.
1. Appearance contains the most advanced industrial design, using the latest technology to produce molds, beautiful, upscale, rich texture.
2. The base is made of high strength aluminum alloy die-casting, sealing, corrosion, rust.
3. The model is small, power, easy installation, safe operation.
4. International's first LED running lights flashing, warning prompts double effect, beautiful, and unique.
5. overheat protection to ensure that the motor from overheating and burning.
6. Unique clutch design, dual protection, security, security.
7. The unique circuit design, wide voltage range.
8. Remote sensitive, distance, safe and reliable.
9. Magnetic double limit switch, with fine-tuning function, high accuracy, good repeatability, limit accurate, single-phase self-locking, solid safety.
10. Unique stroke learning mode, opening and closing precise positioning.
11. The machine uses ultra-quiet design technology, noise less than 52 db.
12. products through IS09221: 2000 certification, CE certification, 3C certification.

International initiative LED running lights, new DCK-668 intelligent new features:

1, the soft-start function: Unique design soft-start, slow start slow stop, smooth operation, in the open, no inertia when closing the door to run more smoothly,, smooth, reduce noise and motor life more.
2. Difficult rebound function: running an obstacle pedestrians, vehicles, etc., open the door automatically stops and automatically converted into open state, to ensure that pedestrians, vehicle safety, the resistance in the circuit board size is adjustable.
3, motor strength adjustment: adjusted according to the size of the door motor output torque
4, the brake function: a circuit board with brake function, no inertia, accurate positioning
5, automatic closing: After the door, within a set period of time with self-closing
6, automatic identification Interface: When needed, the main control board can be connected through an interface reserved by the camera, infrared, card reader, swipe card reader security interface doorbell. Sense coil and other connections, automatic identification release function, the composition of remote intelligent management and control systems.
7, one-touch circulatory system: by two lines and doorbell system, automatic release system connection, to achieve visual control.

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